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Requirements for Articles to be Published

in the Scientific Journal "Economics of Development" 

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Articles scheduled for publication must not be published or planned for publication in another issue. The articles should correspond to the journal's profile. The number of authors should not exceed four. Taking into account the profile of the journal, only the articles providing an awareness of the current state of the most urgent problems in economics might be submitted to the journal's editorial office. The text of the article should be distinct, clear, meaningful and meet the modern requirements. The scientific journal " " ("Economics of Development") is included into the List of professional editions of Ukraine which are allowed to publish the findings of theses in Economics. According to the requirements of Ukraine's Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) Presidium Act No. 7-05/01 of 15.01.2003 (the Bulletin of VAK No. 1 of 2003, p.2) the scientific articles should comprise such elements (without being mentioned in the article):
- problem definition in general expression and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;
- analysis of the latest researches and publications in which a solution to a certain problem began and which the author refers to, defining the parts of a common problem which haven't been solved yet and which the article is dedicated to;
- formulating the goals of the article (defining a task);
- setting forth the research basic material with full substantiation of received scientific findings;
- conclusions drawn from the research and prospects for further investigation in a given area/
Articles in Ukrainian, Russian, English, French and German might be submitted to the journal. Articles in English are given preference.

Guidelines for articles processing:

- the UDC index should be placed in the upper right-hand corner;
- the JEL Classificationshould be placed in the upper left-hand corner (1 – 3 codes separated by a semicolon);
- the title of the article should be short, but informative, it shouldn't contain any abbreviations. The title of the article should be presented in the language of the article as well as in Ukrainian, Russian and English if they are different from the language of the article;
- authors' surnames and initials should be placed on the right below the article's title in the language of the article as well as in Ukrainian, Russian and in Latin transliteration (transliteration tables are given below);
- the annotation – (200 – 250 words) should be given in the language of the article as well as in Ukrainian, Russian and English if they are different from the language of the article. The annotation must possibly exactly reproduce the logical structure of the article; all the author's essential ideas should be represented in it. The text of the annotation must include the following information: the problem, the goal; research methods; research findings; author's conclusions (estimation, assumptions, accepted or rejected hypotheses); ways to apply the findings to practice. The information contained in the annotation must be clear and appealing to the scientific community including the foreign one, so that those having no command of Ukrainian or Russian could get (without turning to the entire text) a most complete idea of the scope of themes and research level of the authors of the publication;
- keywords (3 – 7) must be given in the language of the article as well as in Ukrainian, Russian and English if they are different from the language of the article;
- the body of the article should cover at least 15 pages, with conclusions and prospects for further investigations in the given area. The article should be printed on sheets of paper of A4 format (210 x 297 mm) in Arial 14-point type with line spacing 1.3; the left, upper, right and lower margin size should be 2.0 cm. Page number should be indicated at the bottom of each page of the original text. The article should be prepared by means of Microsoft Office Word. All the figures and tables must be clear and comprehensible; they should be accompanied with captions in the language of the article and in English which should be given in brackets. All the figures and schemes should be presented using the program Microsoft Word or Microsoft Visio. Graphs, histograms and diagrams in Microsoft Excel must be easy to correct and they should be provided as a separate file. Formulas must be edited in Microsoft Equation. The text, all the numerical data and materials presented in the article should be thoroughly verified by the authors. Generally accepted terms, frequently used in the text, should be presented in the abbreviated form with an explanation of what they stand for, at the first mentioning;
- bibliography sources cited or used in the article should be numbered according to the sequence of their mentioning in the text (there must be at least 10 of them). A source reference must be presented in square brackets, e.g. [1, p. 3–5]. The reference list must be presented at the end of the article in the language of the original text according to the state standard of Ukraine CT GOST 7.1:2006.

Besides, the reference list should be transliterated in Latin and given after the reference list (References). The description of imprint should not be transliterated, instead it should be translated into English, e.g. (Vol.), (No.) (Issue), (P., p.). Neither should be transliterated such word combinations as [Electronic resource], Access mode and et al. All this only refers to the sources in Ukrainian or Russian in the original. The sources in English, German, French and other languages are given without any changes. Transliteration tables provided below should be used for transliteration depending on the original language – Ukrainian or Russian. For monographs and scientific articles in Ukrainian or Russian, in addition to transliteration of the original title given in italics, the translation of the title given in square brackets is obligatory, e.g.:

. . : / . . // . – 2013. – 1 (65). – . 48–51.
Medvd V. Yu. Stratehia terytoralnoho ekonomchnoho rozvytku: teoretychnyi aspekt [The Strategy of Regional Economic Development: Theoretical Aspect] / V. Yu. Medvd // Ekonomka rozvytku. – 2013. – No. 1 (65). – P. 48–51.

The list of references should obligatory include the sources from the SCOPUS database, Web of Science, and articles published in the scientific journal "Economics of Development".

- the information about the authors (in the language of the article Ukrainian, Russian and English if different from the language of the article) should be given for each author separately:
- the surname, the first name;
- the academic degree;
- the academic rank;
- the place of work – full officially adopted name of the organization with the department denoted;
- the full juridical address of the organization;
- the e-mail of the author;
- the contact phone numbers (not for publication);
A signed  author's agreement should be submitted by the author to the editorial office. A scanned copy of the signed agreement is sent to the authors who are non-residents.

The article should be submitted to the editorial office in one of the two forms:

- as a file sent to e-mail (ed@hneu.edu.ua);
- as a text printed on one side of a paper sheet and a disk of CD-R or DVD-R type.
Having sent the article, the author must make sure that the article has been accepted by the editorial office. The article having been submitted to publication, the author has to make a prepayment.

The scientific journal is a subscription publication, it is issued quarterly, after the 20th of March, June, September and December of a current year. Subscription may be done for any quarter of the year. The index of the journal is 49222

The authors of the article are responsible for correctness and accuracy of the data and facts presented as well as for presenting the data which are not meant for open publication. The editorial board makes a decision on the publication of the article. The text of the article may be edited and abridged without agreement with the author. The editorial board reserves the right for publishing the material of the article in the form of short reports and abstracts. Reference to the "Economics of Development" in case of reprinting the publications is obligatory. 

For transliteration of the text in Ukrainian the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 55 dated January 27, 2010 is to be followed and for transliteration of the text in Russian the system of U.S. State Department should be applied

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The Editorial Board of the journal "Economics of Development" hope for fruitful cooperation with the authors.