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Пономаренко В.С.
Dear readers and authors of research papers!

On behalf of the scientific journal “Economics of Development” Editorial Board I would like to appeal to the whole academic community. Our journal is the international high professional periodical intended for broad academic and business circles. The main purpose of the journal is enlightening urgent economic problems and ensuring the widest dissemination of theoretically grounded solutions and successful empirical treatments. To fulfil the purpose the “Economics of Development” Editorial Board quarterly publishes results of significant achievements of merit economists and young talented researches.

We act on the premise that international recognition might be granted for high quality of researches conducted by Ukrainian scientists along with high index of ranking citations. So, we diligently work on ensuring the selection of “Economics of Development” for leading scientometric databases and well-known libraries worldwide.

We aspire all academicians and researches to be conscious of their responsibility for public attitude to science. That is why the Editorial Board is sensitive to any unprofessional conduct and breach of ethical guidelines by authors and employs modern anti-plagiarism software during decision making upon accepting submitted papers. I also recommend authors to use it while preparing papers for any scientific issue.
Volodymyr Ponomarenko
Doctor of Economics, Professor,
Honored Scientist and
Technician of Ukraine,

Rector of Kharkiv National
University of Economics,
Head of the Information
Systems sub department

It should be underlined that the Editorial Board members are respected scientists, who represent leading research institutions and head acknowledged economic science schools. And this ensures impartial attitude to received papers and guarantees its objective review. By the Editorial Board members different nations and states are represented and this enables sustainable development and quality enhancement of the journal.

The Editorial Board has developed the journal conception that meets contemporaneous requirements.  The “Economics of Development” is open for different views and exchange of opinions. We strive for fruitful dialogue between author and reader, in which the first persists in his opinion and the last induces research activities. Such dialogue is facilitated by the journal web-site, which enables reader comments to published papers. So, all stakeholders are welcome to collaboration: we invite authors to submit papers revealing their contribution to development of economic thought; we invite researches to obtain information about recent achievements in economic theory and practice; we invite students and post-graduates to gain experience in generalization, summing up own researches and being criticized. For our part the Editorial Board ensures periodicity of issues and high quality of published materials.

We hope for fruitful long time collaboration with readers and authors of papers in order to promote research and development in economic science.

Respectfully yours,

Volodymyr Ponomarenko
“Economics of Development”
Chief Editor

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