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The Editorial Board of the Journal informs the scientific community about organizational changes and reformatting the procedure of enlightening the results of scientific research of the authors.
Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics (the Founder) agrees with the policies and procedures of Consulting and Publishing Limited Liability Company «Business-Perspectives» (Publisher) and accepts them as the basis for all activities in its part of the Journal publication process. 
The Founder transforms all the websites of the Journal (with the content of the articles in archive) and provides an accessible and relevant page on the University's website with the main information about the Journal, its policy, aims, editorial board, editorial ethics, editorial procedure and hyperlink to the Publisher's website, and the Publisher adapts all information about the Journal to its own policies and procedures.


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The priority of articles introduction into the world information space
Founded in 2002, the scientific journal "Economics of Development" publishes exclusive articles in Ukrainian, Russian and English (the author's choice). They are not intended for publication elsewhere. Each article includes ​​extended abstract (detailed summary) in three languages, which contains an aggregate description of the main author’s achievements and examples of reported in the published article specific research results. In order to provide access of the global scientific community to the authors’ developments, this abstract and full text of published on the edition website. It is also available to the external bibliographic and abstract databases. Editorial Board always works on the journal presentation in the leading libraries of Ukraine and the world.
Ensuring readers access to quality materials of the journal 
This is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access. The copyright of published materials remain at authors. Information about copyright is given on each page of the journal. The author is responsible for the content of published articles and for the reliability of presented results and calculations.
Focusing on the wide range of economic and social problems The aim of the journal is to promote the publication of the scientific research results of leading scientists and graduated students, doctoral candidates, and candidates for degrees and academic titles. Disclosure of this goal provides the coordination of different professionals’ fundamental and applied researches and contributes to their actualization. The journal publishes the results of scientific research, article reviews and materials for discussion in such areas as mechanism of economy regulating, the enterprise economy and production management, economic and mathematical methods and models, the effectiveness of the personnel management in the enterprise. The journal is designed for professionals in these fields of knowledge, professors and researchers.
Facilitating the coordination of scientific thought and interaction of famous scientists and talented students It is well-known fact of the presence of a large number of scientific publications, which have similar goals and highlight up-to-date problems of the modern economic thought. The main difference of the journal "Economics of Development" is its orientation to the dissemination of famous scientists’ scientific knowledge and creating conditions for talented young scientists’ creative exploration. That is why the editorial board is selected in such a way that could provide qualified assistance to all people who are staying in the creative search.
Supporting of constant publishing of the journal One of the priorities of the edition is to ensure a stable and regular publishing of new releases. The journal "Economics of Development" is a subscriptional publication. It goes out on a regular basis after the 20th day of each quarter in March, June, September and December current year.
Promoting high-quality publications printing and supporting exemplary model of research ethics in publications The "Economics of Development" Journal complies with the basic ethical guidelines for scientific publications of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). This ethical guidelines sets the basic rules of behavior and the responsibilities of the professional scientific community members before each other and in relation to the public. This guidelines also ensure an author's intellectual property rights. All person involved in the publication process (editors, authors and reviewers) should guide this ethical guidelines. Economics of Development editorial board and reviewers considerate all manuscripts offered for publication without prejudice, evaluating each on its merits without regard to race, religion, nationality, status, or institutional affiliation of the author.
Supporting the information dissemination about violations of publications ethics An editorial board members should respect the intellectual independence of authors. If an editor is presented with convincing evidence that the main substance or conclusions of a report published in an editor’s journal are erroneous, the editor should facilitate publication of an appropriate report pointing out the error and, if possible, correcting it. The report may be written by the person who discovered the error or by an original author. Please report to us any case of plagiarism, ublication malpractice statement or scientific ethics in publications breach (vydav@hneu.edu.ua) at any point of time.
Ensuring the quality of printed articles through the effective instrument to their review and selection Rules for the articles publication preparation provide an opportunity to print articles to any scientist in the case of their compliance to requirements of materials quality. If the article is up-to-date, contains elements of scientific novelty, and have practical significance, it will be accepted for a print. Meanwhile there is a strict procedure to control accepted articles, which will be printed.  Its purpose is to ensure the materials compliance of requirements for the scientific style, promotion of more responsible authors’ relation to the novelty of materials and the objectivity of citation, achievement a high level of printed materials interest for the global scientific community.
The orientation of the interaction of authors with the editorial board to improve the quality of articles submitted for publication The procedure of articles review provides work with internal journal experts. They are recognized experts in the sphere of knowledge that is relevant for the article. In that purposes, except members of the editorial board the journal collaborates with a wide range of scientists from all over the world.  An active work is carried out to organize the interaction between authors and editorial board among Easychair Conference System. The article will be accepted for publication only after the editorial board has discussed it with the presence of internal experts’ positive review and with the support of a majority of the editorial staff, who are experts in the same field of knowledge as an author of the article. Fully prepared journal is reviewed and recommended by the Academic Board of the Kharkov National University of Economics. If the article is not accepted, the review and the decision of the editorial board is provided the authors in writing form, which provide an opportunity to refine the article or replace it with another material. Any reader or potential author has the opportunity to address members of the editorial board to clarify the information and ask confusing questions by sending an email to the publisher.
Fighting with biased citation The principal requirement is the presence in the article sufficiently detailed information search of knowledge of the printed material. Desirable features are the usage of global information environment and authors’ links in leading repository of knowledge and bibliographic databases. From the next year, while making materials to be considered it will be used specialized software, which determines the percent of unique author's text. Its results will be submitted at the editorial board appointment during the determination of the possibility of making an article for printing.
Advanced development and readiness for suggestions The journal "Economics of Development" is a progressive and dynamic publication that will bring some positive features in the development of national and world science. A decade past seen the first journal had been published means that it is possible to talk about the experience and about the awareness of the development. On the other hand, it is only the beginning of a creative way, which means readiness to any positive suggestions and recommendations from the authors and other people who are interested in improving the printed material individuals.